Still working on it…

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I haven’t written about the record lately, but it’s not because we haven’t been working on it.  We make small progress each week.  Check out this link to see Teddy Morgan and Carl Broemel adding guitar to some of the songs.


More photos from the session

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Crystal just sent me some more session photos.  Some are goofy and some are great.

End of the Session

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By far the hardest part of this week was saying goodbye to the barn.  I had a hard time packing up.  In casual conversation earlier in the week that it would be amazing to have the barn to make music in anytime, and I mentioned that while it would be great, it might make the time we spend there less special if it didn’t need to end.  I think the end hit us harder than I had anticipated.  Adam, as was the norm for the entire week, did most of the work, coiling cables, hauling equipment, keeping everything organized.  Richard took Barron, the owner of the barn, to the airport and I didn’t get to say goodbye cause I was racing to join them from having spent the evening at home.  Those four people- Richard, Adam, Barron, and Chuck, are the people who made this recording possible.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us.  More tracking and editing and planning.  But this part has sadly come to an end.  I think Richard and I both intend to take some time to digest what we’ve done.  I will continue to post as I think of things album-related, anecdotes and updates, but for right now I’m signing off.

Day 3- So far so good

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We still early in day 3 and we’re on a roll!  Chris swung through to lay down some more bass and he was just replaced by Cody.  As I write Pete Sands is recording some organ in the middle of the barn and it sounds fantastic.  We just knocked out 2 songs on they fly and they surprised us and gave us a whole lotta energy.  And I just got some of yesterday’s photos from Crystal.  Enjoy!

Day 2 in retrospect

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Five hours of sleep can make up for a lot.  I didn’t get to post yesterday because there was little to no down time. The day started really well with Eric Koskinen and Ryan Young coming out to play on some of the country numbers.  Chris Bates added some great upright bass parts including some BEAUTIFUL bow parts. At 3pm we swapped out Eric and Ryan for Benson Ramsey and started to fall behind.  Technical difficulties, mild arguments, and arrangement issues made for a pretty typical recording day, as opposed day one when things went swimmingly.  Richard wanted to shoot for the stars, while I was content to hang out on the roof.  Adam was supposed to mediate but chickened out in the face of such monster personalities (Just Kidding Adam).  In then end we recorded four more songs-and some of them are freakin awesome.  And although we have lots of work to do still I’m pretty happy and thankful with the progress we made.

Crystal came out and dedicated some of her time to taking some photos of our project, which I hope to be able  to share soon.  And then at 7 Mindy and Kerry came out and brought us our first real meal.  We love you!

So today we’re going to be focused like lazers.  Got lots of work to do.  No time for Blogs.

Day 2 Genius Award- Benson Ramsey a great idea on how to end a song.

Day 3 MVP- Adam Krinsky for working us through all the technical troubles, and for being a giant among men.

End of Day 1

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We’re wrapping up, much later than I though we would, but it was totally worth it.  There is a porch on the barn overlooking a field, and the field is full of crickets and frogs doing what crickets and frogs do at night (make noise!).  So we set up the mics and a stool on the porch and recorded a track in the dark in the company of night critters.  The stars were overhead and the evening air was cool it was pretty amazing.  Kind of a once in a lifetime experience.  Suffice it to say I’m going to be pretty content.  Later.

Day 1

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We’ve been at it for about 5 hours and we have 3 songs down.  As I speak Benson is overdubbing an electric guitar track.  He’s been working for a while but isn’t showing any fatigue yet.  Richard is pacing and listening to playback and Adam is showing more energy the longer he goes.  This barn is perfect- almost like it’s here just for us to make a record.  We have a lot more work to do tonight but I think we’re on a roll.  Here are some pictures.

Documenting my Recording Project

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I’m not a fan of blogs.  I have some funny and interesting friends who can write an entertaining blog.  Unfortunately I am neither funny nor interesting.  Not intentionally anyway.   

But for the past few months I’ve been working on the initial stages of a recording project.  It’s not my first recording project, but I’m really excited about it and I want to document it.  Hopefully it will also act as a vehicle for passive aggressive communication with my record producer Richard when we don’t see eye to eye.  

This is Richard’s *second* project as a producer and so far he’s doing great.  He’s much better at some of the necessary skills required in record production than I am.  Specifically: talking up my music to other musicians and convincing them to record with me, communicating effectively, and keeping track of details.  He also has a good ear for making music sound good, which is pretty important in any recording proect.  My role is to write the songs (done!) and try not to screw them up while we record them.  

So far these are the details.  We’ve selected 12-14 songs we want to record.  We’ve spent the last two months tracking demos of the songs and tweaking them as needed.  Many times we would tear a song totally apart, record a completely different version, and eventually end up pretty close to the original version.   

I wrote a check last week to rent a refurnished barn in Buffalo, MN.  We’ll spend 4 days there recording over the third week in May.  Richard managed to aquire a lot of great recording equipment, and we’ve hired a fellow named Adam Krinksy to run that equipment.  

Richard will be playing drums.  We will have 2 bass players- Chris Bates will be playing upright bass and Cody McKinney will be playing electric bass.  Eric Koskinen and Benson Ramsey will be playing guitar.  Ryan Young will play violin and Pete Sands will play keyboards.  Oh, and I’ll play guitar and sing.  Later, once the basic tracking is done, we’ll invite some guests to sing harmony vocals, put down additional tracks, etc.  

I’m super excited.  And nervous too.  I’m spending a bunch of money and asking a bunch of really cool and amazing musicians to give me their time and talent and to dress up my humble songs.  

Our future recording studio