No October original artwork

Posted in Fun album facts, No October by daveolsonmusic on February 25, 2012

Original cover art for No October by Iowa artist Craig Albright


Fun Album Fact #2 – Duet with Pieta Brown

Posted in Fun album facts, No October by daveolsonmusic on January 14, 2012

“No October” features a duet of me and Pieta Brown singing my own arrangement of Tom Wait’s “Georgia Lee.”  You can hear the original version Tom’s heartbreaking song here.

In my version of the song, Pieta’s haunting voice assumes the perspective of Georgia Lee.  If you aren’t familiar with Pieta, she just released a terrific new album called “Mercury” on Red House Records.  Visit her website here.

This was one of the hardest songs for me to record, and getting my performance  just right required a lot of coaxing from Richard Medek, my producer.  His hard work paid off – the end result is a song that is at once spooky & atmospheric and emotional & plaintive.  We started thinking of it as a modern-day ghost story set to music.

I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Fun album fact #1 – the record is called…

Posted in Fun album facts, No October by daveolsonmusic on January 8, 2012

I haven’t done a good job of blogging the progress we’ve made on my record.   Now that we’re almost done with record (seriously!) I’m going to make up for my blogging laziness by regularly posting juicy details and fun facts about my upcoming record.

Fun album fact#1: The record will be titled “No October.”

Those of you who contributed to my Kickstarter project may be scratching your heads.  Last fall I needed to come up with a name for my Kickstarter campaign, so I used “Bad luck is bound to fade” after a snippet of lyrics from one of the album tracks called “Mad Made.”  I thought it sounded optimistic and seemed appropriate for a fund-raising campaign.

When it came time to title the album we decided to call it “No October” after one of my favorite songs on the record.  The wistfulness of that song really captures the mood of the album overall.

Check back periodically for more fun album facts.