End of the Session

Posted in Uncategorized by daveolsonmusic on May 23, 2010

By far the hardest part of this week was saying goodbye to the barn.  I had a hard time packing up.  In casual conversation earlier in the week that it would be amazing to have the barn to make music in anytime, and I mentioned that while it would be great, it might make the time we spend there less special if it didn’t need to end.  I think the end hit us harder than I had anticipated.  Adam, as was the norm for the entire week, did most of the work, coiling cables, hauling equipment, keeping everything organized.  Richard took Barron, the owner of the barn, to the airport and I didn’t get to say goodbye cause I was racing to join them from having spent the evening at home.  Those four people- Richard, Adam, Barron, and Chuck, are the people who made this recording possible.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us.  More tracking and editing and planning.  But this part has sadly come to an end.  I think Richard and I both intend to take some time to digest what we’ve done.  I will continue to post as I think of things album-related, anecdotes and updates, but for right now I’m signing off.


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