Day 2 in retrospect

Posted in Uncategorized by daveolsonmusic on May 20, 2010

Five hours of sleep can make up for a lot.  I didn’t get to post yesterday because there was little to no down time. The day started really well with Eric Koskinen and Ryan Young coming out to play on some of the country numbers.  Chris Bates added some great upright bass parts including some BEAUTIFUL bow parts. At 3pm we swapped out Eric and Ryan for Benson Ramsey and started to fall behind.  Technical difficulties, mild arguments, and arrangement issues made for a pretty typical recording day, as opposed day one when things went swimmingly.  Richard wanted to shoot for the stars, while I was content to hang out on the roof.  Adam was supposed to mediate but chickened out in the face of such monster personalities (Just Kidding Adam).  In then end we recorded four more songs-and some of them are freakin awesome.  And although we have lots of work to do still I’m pretty happy and thankful with the progress we made.

Crystal came out and dedicated some of her time to taking some photos of our project, which I hope to be able  to share soon.  And then at 7 Mindy and Kerry came out and brought us our first real meal.  We love you!

So today we’re going to be focused like lazers.  Got lots of work to do.  No time for Blogs.

Day 2 Genius Award- Benson Ramsey a great idea on how to end a song.

Day 3 MVP- Adam Krinsky for working us through all the technical troubles, and for being a giant among men.


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  1. crystal habermel said, on May 21, 2010 at 5:03 am

    What I heard was chilling. Just wait, the record will come and soon things will begin to spin into music heaven.

    Can’t wait to buy your record!!


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